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10 Surefire Ways to Get Reviews for Your Books

Online reviews are EVERYTHING for the sale of indie books. I focused almost exclusively on reviews as a marketing strategy when my first novel, Saving Grace, was published. Three and a half years later, it has more reviews (2300+ with 4.3-stars) on Amazon than Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money (the book it’s most often […]

Cleaning UP During Your Bookbub Promotion, Part 1: Does the big cost pay off?

You’re going to think these posts are about how my e-book did on Bookbub, and they sort of are. But keep reading until the end of my “cleaning up” posts, because it’s ultimately about how everything other than my e-book did, and you’ll be shocked at how important everything else was; these posts contains tips I’ve NEVER SHARED BEFORE, so […]

How Bookbub and Permafree Changed My Life Last Week

So if you follow this blog, you know a) I’m a huge proponent of Bookbub and b) I’ve been lucky enough to have them feature my books three times, the third being Friday June 27. I wrote about the first two times HERE and HERE. They were great. This third time literally is a game […]

How to Sell a Ton of Books with BookBub: A Tale of Two Authors

This post is a follow-up to Holy Crapoly: You’re Going to Want to Hear This! Recently two Amazon bestselling authors set out to promote their second novels. A lot had changed in the world of ebook promotion since each of their debuts, however. When Rodney Walther first released Broken Laces, he had great success with […]

Holy Crapoly! You’re Going to Want to Hear About This.

Well, give us 10 days to collect all the data and we’ll have quite an indie publishing story to share with you. What, you ask? What story? What happened? Well, I finally, after six applications and five rejections, got a BookBub day. I got it for the book I wanted, too: Saving Grace, the lead […]

Gift Card Giveaway: You can be a winner.

Books make great gifts, and we’d like to help you give them this holiday season. We are giving away two gift cards for $25 each to Hastings Entertainment. They can be used online or at one of their 140 stores. Enter and share the contest below, and Merry Christmas from SkipJack Publishing. a Rafflecopter giveaway

To Nano or Not

I’ve written four novels; one is published (Saving Grace), and three are scheduled for publication over the next few years. Of these four, guess how many I drafted originally during the annual National Novel Writing Month of November (NanoWriMo)? ** THREE ** That’s right — I gave birth to three Sagittarians, then nurtured them in […]