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Five Steps to Bestseller Book Blurbs

Why do readers pick up a particular book? The overwhelming majority do it because someone recommends it to them. The closer that relationship, the better. So if I recommend a book to my Mom, she reads it, especially if Oprah recommended it, too, because, hey, Oprah is almost like family. The next most common reason […]

Part Two: So you want to be a USA Today bestseller?

If you didn’t catch the first installment of this series, pop over to last week’s post. Step Two: Find Partners (continued) Part B: Sponsors or Beneficiaries Maybe there is an angel investor out there who wants to partner with you financially on the book. Probably not. You’re more likely to find a charitable beneficiary who […]

So you want to be a USA Today bestseller?

Hey, friends. I have heard from many of you that you are *quite eager* to hear how I became a USA Today bestseller, as an indie author. The process, while expensive and not guaranteed, is not complex, and I’ll lay it out for you here, step by step. Step One: Prepare to Invest As with any bestseller […]

Taking a closer look at Ken Oder: What works in indie fiction?

Congratulations to author Ken Oder on the release of his second novel, Old Wounds to the Heart. Not only is it his second novel, but it is the second in his series of Whippoorwill Hollow books. When you take a closer look, it’s clear that Ken’s doing a lot of things right as an indie novelist. Things we […]

What (writing contest) opportunities have you missed?

Before we begin, we want to let you know about a “doing indie together” opportunity in Hollywood, and that is the stock offering from Voyage Media. SkipJack has been working with Voyage for the last six months on a screenplay for one of our novels. We couldn’t be happier with the writers and producers we’ve […]

15 Habits of Successful Writers

15 Habits of Successful Writers Write something EVERY day Read (a little) every day Watch a little TV or movies weekly Eliminate distractions, but write when and where it works best for you Observe and experience, actively Plan your writing (yep, I mean storyboard and outline) Make notes or a journal of observations, anecdotes, and experiences […]