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Taking a closer look at Ken Oder: What works in indie fiction?

Congratulations to author Ken Oder on the release of his second novel, Old Wounds to the Heart. Not only is it his second novel, but it is the second in his series of Whippoorwill Hollow books. When you take a closer look, it’s clear that Ken’s doing a lot of things right as an indie novelist. Things we […]

Tips for Successful Audiobook Production Using ACX

So you’ve written a book. You’re selling it in ebook and paperback, and you’ve been hearing that audio is an expanding market and you want in on it. You’ve listened to a few audiobooks from big name authors with big dollar big publishing contracts and big celebrities narrating them, and you enjoyed the experience. You […]

Learn how to be a writing, publishing, and marketing rockstar.

Join the SkipJack Online School for courses as inexpensive as the free “5 Simple Tips to Sell a Ton of Books” to $5 individual classes or $50 for the whole writing, publishing, and marketing bundle. Selections below. Taught by the best-selling, Silver Falchion-winning, What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes-writing mystery author, Pamela Fagan Hutchins. Click images […]

Holy Wear-Me-Out Workshop versus Webcasts

There are some things as an author I always say yes to. Speaking about publishing and promotion to other writers is one of them. But man is it exhausting work! Plus sometimes I’ll randomly start doing or saying something part way through, something unplanned, that later makes me cringed. That’s me in the picture above, […]

Burning Issues . . . ?

As I sit down to write this morning, I realize that having five baby goats born in the last few days on our place—and one motherless—is going to have to take precedence. Life is like that. Burning issues to be addressed, and sometimes they aren’t the ones we’d planned for. What we thought was burning […]

Who wants to guest post on SkipJack?

We are looking for tales of learning, success, and failure to share with our readers on Skip the Jack, and we are looking to cross-pollinate. If you think you fit the bill, email info @ skipjackpublishing .  com to volunteer. We are seeking 300-800-word pieces or excerpts on publishing and promotion that address current topics […]