Author: Pamela

So you want to be a USA Today bestseller?

Hey, friends. I have heard from many of you that you are *quite eager* to hear how I became a USA Today bestseller, as an indie author. The process, while expensive and not guaranteed, is not complex, and I’ll lay it out for you here, step by step. Step One: Prepare to Invest As with any bestseller […]

Rev Up Your Book Release With Coordinated Social Media Promotion

The first time I heard of Thunderclap, I cringed. Sounded like a social disease to me, not social media promotion. But I overcame my initial reaction and checked it out. I am super glad I did. Thunderclap is a service that amplifies a message crafted by you with the power of the “crowd.” Think about […]

Print on Demand Strategy: Where Does Nook Press Print Platform Fit In?

For the last few years, I’ve been recommending that the easiest print option with the best benefit for authors is Amazon’s CreateSpace (“CS”). Beginner: CreateSpace The reason? They have had the best wholesale price for authors to buy their books, they charge no fees other than the cost of books, they have the best margin on […]

Top Five Tips for Authors to Build Opt-in Email List Subscription

Authors, you know you crave them: subscriptions to your opt-in email list. The people who willingly sign up to hear from you, who follow you and your books, who aren’t subject to the vagaries of Amazon, the fortunes of Barnes & Noble, or the flakiness of Google Play. The ones you can send exactly the […]