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5 Pro Tips For Online Book Promotion: September 2021

Pro Tip One: Mailing Lists: Resend to All Rather Than Unopened You’ve heard by now that Apple no longer allows tracking of email opens for their iOS 15 email users who opt into their email privacy, right? This will essentially kill open tracking, although click tracking will still work. Essentially, all received email for Apple […]

5 ProTips For 2020 Online Book Advertising (plus 5 more because I couldn’t help myself)

Each of these could be a blog post (or  book chapter) on their own, but in the interest of hitting the intersection between quantity and quality, here’s 5 ProTips I’ve garnered through my three BookBub runs in 2020 to-date, including paid rankings of Top 30 for three separate books. BookBub Ads (4 Tips in 1!) […]

Author Game Changer: Figuring Out How Much to Spend on Ads (Taking Charge of Your Author Career)

Last month I promised to break down my “Six-month Report: What’s Working in Kindle Unlimited” post into digestible chunks, for those that want to emulate some of the changes I’ve made on my way back to six-figure income. (If you’re the kind that likes a more hands-on approach, I have one spot at my Indie […]

Month 1 Report: My Move Into Kindle Unlimited

I’ll keep this short and simple. I moved my fiction (6 box sets, 15 novels, 1 novella, 1 short story) from broad distribution into Kindle Unlimited, one month ago. How is it going? Well, things are less complicated. And, as expected, sales fell through the flippin floor. Page reads are slowing coming up to a […]

Five Steps to Bestseller Book Blurbs

Why do readers pick up a particular book? The overwhelming majority do it because someone recommends it to them. The closer that relationship, the better. So if I recommend a book to my Mom, she reads it, especially if Oprah recommended it, too, because, hey, Oprah is almost like family. The next most common reason […]

Part Two: So you want to be a USA Today bestseller?

If you didn’t catch the first installment of this series, pop over to last week’s post. Step Two: Find Partners (continued) Part B: Sponsors or Beneficiaries Maybe there is an angel investor out there who wants to partner with you financially on the book. Probably not. You’re more likely to find a charitable beneficiary who […]

Rev Up Your Book Release With Coordinated Social Media Promotion

The first time I heard of Thunderclap, I cringed. Sounded like a social disease to me, not social media promotion. But I overcame my initial reaction and checked it out. I am super glad I did. Thunderclap is a service that amplifies a message crafted by you with the power of the “crowd.” Think about […]