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Taking a closer look at Ken Oder: What works in indie fiction?

Congratulations to author Ken Oder on the release of his second novel, Old Wounds to the Heart. Not only is it his second novel, but it is the second in his series of Whippoorwill Hollow books. When you take a closer look, it’s clear that Ken’s doing a lot of things right as an indie novelist. Things we […]

The Down Low on My Hollywood Pitch Trip: My 5 Rs of Book-to-Screen Pitching

A year ago, I was invited to attend “Adapting to Hollywood,” a conference thrown by Sisters in Crime (primarily the fabulous LA Chapter) and for which I didn’t have to spend one red cent. I still don’t know how I got invited, but I’ll take it. What was obvious from the get-go was that indies like […]

What (writing contest) opportunities have you missed?

Before we begin, we want to let you know about a “doing indie together” opportunity in Hollywood, and that is the stock offering from Voyage Media. SkipJack has been working with Voyage for the last six months on a screenplay for one of our novels. We couldn’t be happier with the writers and producers we’ve […]

Less is More

I recently spent a month in Russia. I saw a lot of interesting things. In Russia, the rolls of toilet paper don’t have that cardboard tube in the center on which the paper is rolled. It is all paper, and the holder is just a skinny metal shaft that pierces the center and wallah, it […]

15 Habits of Successful Writers

15 Habits of Successful Writers Write something EVERY day Read (a little) every day Watch a little TV or movies weekly Eliminate distractions, but write when and where it works best for you Observe and experience, actively Plan your writing (yep, I mean storyboard and outline) Make notes or a journal of observations, anecdotes, and experiences […]

Dear Hootsuite… Where Have You Been All My Life?

By Candi Fite, SkipJack Publishing Assistant As a publishing assistant—whose main focus is publicity, promotions and marketing, a mother, wife, writer, artist, part-time yoga instructor, and volunteer, a busy girl’s gotta do, what a busy girl’s gotta do. Anything to simplify my life. Enter Hootsuite, aka an assistant’s assistant. Let me give you a brief […]

Author Facebook Ads for Dummies (Part Two)

Before we dive into this excellent “part two” on Facebook Ads, do you ever wonder about our contributors and their “day jobs?” Here’s your chance to look behind the curtain with Pamela Fagan Hutchins, in her collaborative article on the state of #respect. (For an extra special look at the formation of concepts in a […]

Author Facebook Ads for Dummies (Part One)

Before we dive into Facebook Ads, we want to show and tell a wonderful way to promote your books, get reviews, gain readers, and grow your subscriber list: Bookfunnel giveaways and bundles. You have to curate them yourself (or join someone else’s group), and use an application like Rafflecopter to manage the entries, but it’s […]