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Rev Up Your Book Release With Coordinated Social Media Promotion

The first time I heard of Thunderclap, I cringed. Sounded like a social disease to me, not social media promotion. But I overcame my initial reaction and checked it out. I am super glad I did. Thunderclap is a service that amplifies a message crafted by you with the power of the “crowd.” Think about […]

Print on Demand Strategy: Where Does Nook Press Print Platform Fit In?

For the last few years, I’ve been recommending that the easiest print option with the best benefit for authors is Amazon’s CreateSpace (“CS”). Beginner: CreateSpace The reason? They have had the best wholesale price for authors to buy their books, they charge no fees other than the cost of books, they have the best margin on […]

10 Surefire Ways to Get Reviews for Your Books

Online reviews are EVERYTHING for the sale of indie books. I focused almost exclusively on reviews as a marketing strategy when my first novel, Saving Grace, was published. Three and a half years later, it has more reviews (2300+ with 4.3-stars) on Amazon than Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money (the book it’s most often […]

15 Habits of Successful Writers

15 Habits of Successful Writers Write something EVERY day Read (a little) every day Watch a little TV or movies weekly Eliminate distractions, but write when and where it works best for you Observe and experience, actively Plan your writing (yep, I mean storyboard and outline) Make notes or a journal of observations, anecdotes, and experiences […]

Stealing Magic From the Sky: What Inspires Your Best Writing?

SkipJack congratulates Pamela Fagan Hutchins for winning the 2017 Silver Falchion for Best Adult Mystery with her heartfelt and suspenseful Fighting for Anna. We hope you enjoy this inspirational post from Pamela. Writers often get asked where they write and what inspires them. My answer has always been that I like to write outside. Pedantic, though true […]

Learn how to be a writing, publishing, and marketing rockstar.

Join the SkipJack Online School for courses as inexpensive as the free “5 Simple Tips to Sell a Ton of Books” to $5 individual classes or $50 for the whole writing, publishing, and marketing bundle. Selections below. Taught by the best-selling, Silver Falchion-winning, What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes-writing mystery author, Pamela Fagan Hutchins. Click images […]

Maximizing Author Revenue With Online Offerings

In the last year, SkipJack has broadened its scope to offer live webinars and online training. It took us about six months to put our first twenty classes together, fitting this new initiative into our normal operations. During that time of “soft launch”—other than investment of sweat equity/time—we’ve managed to break even on the project, leading […]

Maximizing Revenue With Ancillary Sales

One way an author or publishing company can further monetize their efforts is no-inventory, create-on-demand, web-based product sales. (To read more about how to further monetize your writing efforts, check out our SkipJack Online School’s Maximizing Author Revenue for only $10) SkipJack embarked on this journey with Galloree.  There are many other companies you can check […]