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Ebook sales outlets: where to upload, how, and why.

For most of you embarking on indie publishing, the biggest return on investment for you in ebook sales will be to upload your book onto Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. While their market share is shrinking, they still hold over 60% of it. And be sure you do the uploading yourself, not through a “service.” It’s super easy, […]

To print or not to print, that is an indie’s question.

Back in the “olden” days, the choices for authors were limited, and you weren’t the one who got to make them. Now, the world is an indie’s oyster, and the number of choices are daunting. I want to focus on just one choice today: print books, or not? To me, print books were a no […]

Fickle is the muse.

  Sometimes my fingers fly and still can’t keep up with the words pouring out of my head across the screen. Literally, the characters dance ahead of me across the lines, turning, stopping, taunting, tongue out and thumbs in ears with fingers waggling, the little scoundrels. Other times, my fingers hover uneasily, waiting for divine […]

Achieving Indie Book Visibility

Let’s start with the assumption that your goal is to sell books to the general public, if not you can skip this entry. It’s important to understand that there is no one thing that guarantees an avalanche of sales.  It is our belief that it takes simultaneous effort in multiple arenas to get traction and […]

Indie Publishing Your First Book

If you are indie-publishing your first book, one of the most important early decisions you will make is about your ultimate goal for your book and writing career.  Don’t take this lightly. I mean really think about it, stay up all night, go to your special soul-searching-deciding-place, or whatever you do to make the important […]