There is no greater marketing advantage than to be able to send welcomed email straight to your readers’ inboxes, any time you want, for any reason you want. Think about it. Amazon doesn’t share with you the emails of its reader-customers that buy your books. Nor do the other sales sites. If they, in their sole discretion, think they can make money by promoting you to their readers, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Now, that money may come from a publisher or agent in a white glove arrangement with the seller paying them to promote, or it may come because of your book’s sales, reviews, ratings, and rankings. You may have some impact on those things, but you don’t have control.

But when a reader subscribes to your list and welcomes your emails, you can email them anytime and about anything YOU want. Pre-orders. New releases. Discounted or free promotions. Contests. Awards you’ve won. Rankings or accolades you’ve achieved. Your dog’s birthday. Anything. You can route them to the link you want them to land on (possibly a page on your website with your affiliate links?). They can forward the email to others, or share it on social media. You remind them of the existence of your books, and, in combination with other positive exposure to them, people BUY more.

Which is a good, good thing.

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