Hello out there, this is Pamela. Below I’m going to tell you about a special offer for me to promote your book or business on my podcast. You can skip to it by scrolling down.

But first, an update. I’ve been on something of a blogging hiatus as my personal life intruded these last few months. In the wake of a grim cancer diagnosis/prognosis for my dad, I have been writing some novels inspired by him, and on a very tight schedule. You can get your copies of SWITCHBACK and SNAKE OIL, as well as pre-order SAWBONES now. The reviews have blown me away (4.9-stars!), especially since this was a change of pace for me. Thrillers. High octane suspense. Multi-POV. Quasi-historical.

The good news, besides the reviews, is that my dad—ever the curve-buster—has already smashed through his original prognosis with every sign that he is going to turn 2-3 months into multiple years. In the meantime, my husband and I moved into my parents’ barn (literally, although it is a little barndominium or apartment, if you will) and have enjoyed spending a lot more time with my awesome parents. Walking. Riding our giant horses. Watching football. Collaborating on the books. Eating his “cancer fighting diet.” LIVING.

That has meant I have not kept you up to date on what is and is not working for me in publishing, and that I have cancelled writers retreats and workshops. I am sorry. I will definitely plan a comprehensive update for you on my Kindle Unlimited experience in late January and lessons learned the hard way in narrating and producing audiobooks in late February. I think I need one more month to see how things shape up in the wake of the holidays for the post on KU.

But I do have something for you now. First the intro, then the special offer.

I’ve posted in the past about my Wine Women & Writing podcast and video cast and podcasting in general. It’s not for everyone. Face it, authors are usually introverts. But it’s been just right for me: a social introvert. Since I live in the sticks, podcasting has given me the chance to continue to network with other authors, contribute to my community, and stay relevant without being sales-y on social media. It gives me something to offer readers between my books as well: other authors and titles. I’ve made dear friends, gained top notch blurbs, and discovered books and authors that have mattered to me as a reader.

I’ve found something to do at book-ish conventions that rescues me from my own awkwardness and facilitates the type of quality relationship building I’m there for. At Bouchercon, I did five interviews a day. You can see the fruits of those labors here (damn, I got some great guests): https://pamelafaganhutchins.com/wine-women-writing-radio-show/.

I’ve recorded weekly shows for a year and a half. That’s a lot of shows! And it’s a lot of authors, books, and reviews.

And I struggled my way through learning how to make my podcast available in both audio and video formats, to grow the audience, and to make the shows accessible via free RSS feed of choice to the most people possible. (Let me know if you’d like me to blog on any or all of the foregoing.)

I’ve also learned that as my platform has grown (and grown and grown and grown), that I have more and more to offer others in this business.

  • Guest spots: I focus on authors of fiction with preference for strong female characterization (although I host occasional “Mescal Men & Mystery” spinoffs to my normal “Wine Women & Writing” format). If I’m provided with a digital (ebook or audio) copy in advance, I review online at Amazon, BookBub (where I recommend the book, if I can give it 3 stars or higher), and Goodreads (where I share the review on social media). The time slots are for up to half an hour, and when the shows are done, I promote them via my website, my blog following on my reader site, my 20k newsletter, and my social media reach. They are easy and fun, and they are evergreen, in the sense that authors can embed an interview (video or audio or both) on a website and send traffic there any time they want, or simply link to it if they prefer. I don’t charge authors for being on the show, unless they want it to be sponsor-free. (See below)


  • Content: Subscription is free for automatic delivery of the podcast to a device, so that listeners never miss an episode as I talk craft, business, fiction, and more with top authors on every show. Some of the best readers and listeners are other authors.



  • SponsorshipsGreat for authors, publishers, publicists, reviewers/book bloggers, literary publications, editors, and other author service providers. Pick the upcoming author/title that you’d like associated with your book, and I’ll hook you up.Sole sponsorship: includes branding in all promotions and postings as well as a minimum of three mentions during the showMulti-sponsors: includes co-branding with other sponsors in all promotions and postings as well as a minimum of two mentions during the showSponsor- and mention-free show: a chance for a show free of other sponsors or mentions.

    Get details on all sponsorship options at https://pamelafaganhutchins.com/publicists-publishers-and-authors-wine-women-writing-mescal-men-mystery/

So here’s my special offer for you.

From January 1-14, 2020 ONLY, if you pledge at the $1 a month level or higher on my Patreon account, I’ll promote your book or business during the intro of one my shows this year. This is a $5 value. So you get a 500% return on investment if you pay for just one month. And of course, you could cancel then. I can’t stop you.

But it is my sincere hope that you’ll stick around.

In order to make that worth your while, every six months, I will draw from the pool of Special Offer patrons and make them a Sole Sponsor of an entire episode. That’s a $100 value.

Don’t know what Patreon is? Patreon is a site where supporters of my books and show are able to make monthly pledges for as little as $1 a month. You can check mine out with no obligation here.

All right. So check out the special offer and watch for my upcoming posts on what is and isn’t working in KU right now and the good, the bad, and the ugly in producing and narrating your own audiobooks.

Happy New Year,



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