Back in the day, my brother had a Stretch Armstrong doll that we loved as kids. He’d yank that poor guy one way and I’d pull him the other way until we s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d him as far as we could. We thought it was hysterical and spent hours torturing playing with him.

Sometimes, I feel like Stretch Armstrong. Writers must do so much more today than place words on a page in the correct order. Whether you’re traditionally published or indie, you must….

Be a writer, editor, researcher, marketer, query-er, website builder, blogger, networker, social media guru, and speaker.

Your To Do list feels never ending. No wonder you’re exhausted.

Yes, writings tugs you in many, different directions, but here’s what I’ve learned in my twenty years at this. Especially, since 2013 when my literary agent left publishing and I decided to take control of my career and go indie.

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marcy mckayPennies from Burger Heaven LARGE EBOOKAbout Marcy McKay. I’m the author of the literary-suspense novel, Pennies from Burger Heaven (SkipJack Publishing).  You can download my FREE short story, A Cemetery Plot Worth of Love (which is the precursor to Pennies).  Follow me on Facebookand Twitter.

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