We’ve been busy at our new online SkipJack Publishing school. We released our first ever free webinar (How to Sell a Ton of Books) and our first two full-length courses: How to Get More Book Reviews in 10 Surefire Ways and How to Score a Bookbub Promotion and Take Your Book to the Top. You can learn more about them both and register at http://skipjackpublishing.teachable.com. Not only that, but if you take the Reviews course, you’ll get an access code to add on the Bookbub course for only $5.00. You’ll get both classes for $34, and save $24. Pretty darn cool.

We’re adding classes as fast as we can sit Pamela Fagan Hutchins (author of the What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery series and award-winning What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, and How Can I Be One, Too?) down and get her to talk into a camera. It’s tremendously exciting to see her expand upon the content she teaches live at workshops and conferences, and cover all the topics she doesn’t have time to address in those formats. Next up: Top Tips for Authors to Build a Newsletter Subscription List and Sales Independence, How to Find Your Readers and Sell More Books, How to Build an Online Author Presence That Engages Readers, Luring Readers with Rock Star Book Events, and many more.

If you’d like to secure a volume discount for your writing organization, contact us at info at skipjackpublishing dot com.





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