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It’s that wonderful time of year when many of us pause and think about all that is good in our lives and the things we are grateful for. From the perspective of our publishing company (and no doubt straying a bit to the personal side), these are some things we are grateful for.

Our authors. They are all incredibly talented and, more importantly, are good people.

Our Staff. We have been blessed to find an enthusiastic, creative, and hard working group that wants to work with us to help build something really cool.

Our associates. We have talented people who affiliate with us on Editing and Graphics that consistently deliver awesome work.


We live in a country and at a time when what we are doing is actually possible.

We live in a country that allows for creative freedom and protects our right to express it.

Our lives, livelihoods, and our rights are protected by millions of Americans who chose to serve in the military, and in public service roles in the Police, Fire and Emergency Services. Their pay does not come close to compensating for the work they do, the risks they take, and the sacrifices they make.

Teachers, who against long odds, low pay, and often very difficult circumstances, find ways to light a fire in us to learn, to grow, and to do better.

Families that support us, encourage us, and give us love and strength that allows us to pursue our dreams.

That’s our list. We hope yours is long and gratifying as well.


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3 Responses to Gratefuls, From the SkipJack Perspective

  1. Lovely sentiment, Eric. Not to sound cliche, but my life is so full and blessed. SkipJack is definitely at the top of my gratitude list this year. I’m honored to be one of your authors, and am looking for good things for us all in the future.

    • Eric Hutchins says:

      We are so glad that we have you as a part of the SkipJack family. Your writing is wonderful and you have the energy and smarts to fit perfectly into this amazing group of authors. The sky is the limit to what we can collectively do.

  2. Aww, how nice of you to say, Eric. Here’s to an amazing 2016 for all of SkipJack!