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Santa wants to bring you Felicity…Seeking Felicity that is!

We interrupt this winter to bring you sand, moonlight, and steel pan music, straight from the Caribbean!

By now, those of you that celebrate a holiday in December (mine is Christmas) might be ready for a quiet read afterwards…or before…and I’ve got you covered with the long-awaited 4th Katie Connell Caribbean Mystery, SEEKING FELICITY. Originally scheduled for a March 2022 release, the Kindle ebook, paperback, and audiobook are available right now! Watch for hardcover and large print to roll out as well.

In the words of my editor, “I love everything about this book, top to bottom.” <– I’ll take an endorsement like that!

About SEEKING FELICITY: Just as Katie and Nick are leaving for their room service-mandatory, clothing-optional, long-postponed honeymoon on St. Bart’s, the St. Marcos police detain her under suspicion of murdering the Don Corleone of St. Marcos, a wealthy client she’d clashed with minutes before his death. With Nick off to Texas to be with his ill father, Katie must fly solo to catch a killer whose sights, like those of the cops, are set squarely on her.

Ebook or paperback in the US: International readers, search for yours on your Amazon site, i.e., “Pamela Fagan Hutchins Seeking Felicity paperback.”

Audiobooks: Audible takes FOREVER to get books uploaded, so, while we wait on them, I’m offering the audio directly at a subscriber discount ($6.99!) here:

You can enjoy SEEKING FELICITY as a standalone novel, but to optimize the experience, you might want to read SAVING GRACELEAVING ANNALISE, & FINDING HARMONY first (or again).

Don’t forget: Signed large print/paperback and audio bargains: I’ve put together my own store of large print, paperback, and audiobooks, so I can offer the best prices, easiest to handle formats, bundles if desired for even deeper discounts, and offer signing of the print versions, across my entire library of fiction (nonfiction by request). I’m pretty proud of it and the deals I can offer.


Check it out Get an additional 10% off there for being my subscriber with discount code PFHNewsletter (case sensitive so highlight, copy, and paste in the box at checkout).

Non-English speakers on your gift list? Spanish, French, Italian, and Danish versions of my novels are rolling out on Amazon around the world, with German and classical and Brazilian Portuguese to follow.

Last but not least, here’s a recent interview I did with Austin Liti Limits about Stag Party, if you like that sort of thing.

Blessings and joy to you all!

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