Greetings, long-neglected followers of the SkipJack Indie Publishing blog. Life got pretty damn busy for Eric and Pamela in the last three months, and all our promised posts just didn’t happen.


Does it matter that it was a good kind of busy? That Saving Grace is now in all 140 of Hasting Entertainment’s stores, nationwide? That Barnes & Noble’s Small Press Department picked up Saving Grace and stocked it regionally, with an ever expanding roster of stores? That we are publishing a new author in May, with a wrenching — and, dare we say, important — Holocaust memoir? That we’ve moved into audio books, are planning a national book tour for Pamela this summer, and are in pre-release mode for the highly-anticipated second installment in the Katie & Annalise series, Leaving Annalise?

We didn’t think so.

So here’s our promise to you. We’re going to get back to our twice-a-month publication schedule, and you can look for these topics in your inbox, soon:

  • Audiobooks for the Indie Author: On the Cheap, and Easy as Pie
  • Pricing Strategy for Indie Authors
  • What Can A Blog Tour Do For an Indie Author?
  • Does an Indie Author Need a Publicist?
  • How Can Goodreads Help An Indie Author?
  • Connecting Indie Authors with Book Clubs
  • Putting Together an Indie Author Marketing Plan
  • Public Speaking and Promotion of Indie Books
  • And many more!

Sorry for our absence!

Eric and Pamela

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