Well, it’s official. Like we told you we would in our crowdfunding post last Spring, SkipJack is launching the Kickstarter campaign for Pamela Fagan Hutchin’s fourth novel, Going for Kona. But we don’t want anyone giving us money unless they get more than their money’s worth back from the project. That’s why the awards at each level of backing have a higher dollar value than the funds pledged.

Yep. We want you to get more out of this than we do.

So, if you want to

  • be part of the launch of Pamela’s fourth novel,
  • support the independent arts, 
  • find an inexpensive way to scoop up a library of her books (& more),
  • or help keep Pamela available to donate half her professional time to the nonprofit support of other writers in the indie community,

then this is the Kickstarter project for you.

We’d sure appreciate it if you’d check it out, even if just to emulate for your own project someday. And more than anything, we’d love it if you share it: this blog, this link, this project. Via email, social media, or Pony Express.

Many thanks!




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One Response to Pre-Order Going for Kona

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    Love how well this is doing so early on!

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