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Life Outside The Center Of The Universe




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Do you rank Where The Red Fern Grows along with Wuthering Heights amongst your favorite books of all time? All Creatures Great and Small  with Pet Sematary? If so, chances are you get it: there’s something magical about giving literary immortality and voice to the nonhumans that capture our collective imagination. If these are the stories that glue you to the page, then Puppalicious and Beyond is the book for you. Set in the Caribbean and Texas, Pamela weaves tales fictional and factual of the magnificent and interrelated creatures – natural and supernatural —  that passed through the authors’ life, bringing her delight, fright, and every emotion in between.

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Pamela Fagan Hutchins is an employment attorney and workplace investigator by day who writes award-winning and best-selling women’s fiction mysteries (Saving Grace, Leaving Annalise, and others) and humorous nonfiction (How to Screw Up Your Kids, What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes?, and others) by night. She is passionate about great writing and smart authorpreneurship. She also leaps medium-tall buildings in a single bound, if she gets a good running start.

Visit her website http://pamelahutchins.com, or follow her on Facebook http://facebook.com/pamela.fagan.hutchins.author.




  1. Sandy Webb says:

    Puppalicious will warm the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. It is a beautiful collection of stories that will have you laughing and sometimes crying, while enjoying the comical view of author Pamela Fagan Hutchins. If you enjoyed the stories of James Herriot, you will love this book.

  2. Vidya Sury says:

    I got Puppalicious. I started reading it right away, mainly because I love Pamela’s blog. What a fabulous read. I was so sad it ended. The book was perfect: full of laughter and emotion narrated in the delightful yet humorous style that is Pamela specializes in. I loved that I could sense the love of this close-knit family. And? I’ve nothing but admiration for this woman who makes her experiences sound so funny. I am still giggling over parts of the book. I just KNOW I’ll be reading it often.

  3. Jasna Zekic says:

    All the pet lovers who know the joy of bonding and loving should read this book. The author will make you laugh out loud, and she will make you cry, sometimes because of sorrow, and mostly because of rapture and of more bliss.

    Through her non-bashful personal affection towards all beloved pets who touched her, or guarded her, or were her companion, or even the ones that behaved in a hostile fashion, Pamela always showed love, dedication and loyalty to her humanlike characters. Some of them were interhuman, overhuman, and some weren’t much of a love at the first site, and there were very few that only mothers can love.

    I have especially indulged in many chapters that were devoted to dogs, and cherished every unleashed encounter, or whataever unpleasent experience her baby had undergone. So many times I could relate to her experiences that were similar to my own while having special darlings in my life.

    If you have a pootch or a pussy that is or was in some kind of a trouble, consider an option of needing a lawer, and tell Pamela about your case. She will figure out what is the best for your Bark-o. Oh boy, how many times more could I have used her for the consulting and looking in between the lines of my housing associations rules and regulations.

    Her writing style jumps out with great amount of originality, fullness of development of own vocabulary to emphasize how certain events was observed. You will notice the funny phrases she uses in giving the title names of each chapter. I love the book format, the layout of short stories with pictures of animals as an aid for understanding something that has gone completely haywire. One more additional funny detail in her witing style is the way she spoke and wrote English while interactiong with natives from various islands in the Caribbean.

    Parts of the book I have read before on her blogs, tweets, web pages, and wall posts, but the book ´´Puppalicious and truly Beyond. Life outsde the Center of the Universe“ is truly not your ordinary book. The author had a variety of means to prove her love and understating for anything that barks, mews, buzzes, can say Apri-ri-ribbitttt, or makes no noise or the ones you noseam.

    The book is so entertaining; it can be easily read tvice because there are so many precious details being described, her connection and emotional episodes. If the specific points are not convincing enough for you to say that this book is truly one of the kinds, then I dare you to compare it to other authors and the books on a similar subject.

    The cover of the book may look like any house front door setting, but it is a special location in paradise, and not only dog paradise, but a memorable reserved place that played an unusual role in author’s life.

    I can´t wait to read her other books, especially ‘’How to screwed up your own kids“., Hot Flashes And Half Ironmans, Love Gone Viral, Leaving Annalise, and Easy To Love, But Hard To Raise.

  4. Ashe L. says:

    Perfect for any animal lover! A lot of the stories were hilarious (loved the frog story), and some were more serious. The setting and background info made even the most unexpected stories interesting. I didn’t think I’d be able to relate to animals in the Virgin Islands, but I loved the descriptions of the geckos and gungalos and even the bats. Pamela does a fantastic job of grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping it. I loved everything about this book, read it cover to cover. All the stories about the Houston dogs and cat were funny and endearing. Hope there’s more to come.

  5. Peter says:

    A funny and entertaining look at life in paradise, in the tropics and in our minds. And sharing it with our animal friends. I loved the montage of stories. And for someone who also loves animals, I think this is a great read of how all creatures great and small are important to us all.

  6. Susie says:

    I can see why Pamela Hutchins has won so many state and national awards for her writing. She is such a fantastic story teller. Our family has always had pets and I found all her pet stories wonderful. Not all are funny- some made me cry but I definitely loved this book.

  7. CT White says:

    I really enjoyed this book, having several animals of my own I found her stories to be simply hilarious, but also engaging in a way that really made me feel connected with the story and the that it was all unfolding around me.

  8. sam says:

    I loved all of these stories! I have plenty of animals myself, and can relate to most of the stories! I would recomnd this to anyone who really loves all types of animals.

  9. ShellyB says:

    After reading all 5 of her new releases what I first thing I think of is, she is a great story teller. She knows how to get you to drop your guard and pull you in. Some stories made me smile and others had me spewing my coffee and laughing out loud. While all the stories weave together, they are not about one animal or one scene or one period of time. A lot of the book is based on the authors experiences living in the Caribbean and the book at times transports you there and lets you feel it and see it through her experiences.

  10. Creator says:

    My folks moved me to St. Croix at the tender age of 12 – in fact, on my 12th birthday! At the time, it seemed like a very cruel joke to me. The island public schools were already locked firmly in the grip of the federal government, the libraries were decades behind the times, and worst of all, I had to leave all my friends and everything I knew behind.

    Reading “Pupalicious And Beyond” however, reminded me of what a blessing in disguise that move to the islands has been in my life! “Pupalicious” renewed memories of how being immersed in another culture has helped me to differentiate between things that are moral and ethical imperatives and things that are merely cultural. Sweet memories of snorkling in crystal water, eating lunches in sight of the pier, hiking through the rain forest…

    Reading this collection of engaging stories, I was transported again to the tropics. I can almost smell the mango and passionfruit, almost feel the soft, moisture-laden breezes. It reminded me of a series of all-but-forgotten pets of my own, Rusty Rocket the faithful mutt, Frisky, a small female German Shepherd who would take on an entire pack of dogs twice her size and win.

    But enough about my own enjoyment; I suggest that you download “Pupalicious” to your Kindle and start enjoying it for yourself! :)

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