The Clark Kent Chronicles

A mother’s tale of raising — and loving — her ADHD/Asperger’s son


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For a fantastic review in ADDitude Magazine, CLICK HERE.They’re the parents who other people secretly believe must be doing a crappy job, the ones whose children don lacrosse gloves to weed the flowerbed, won’t turn in their homework, and throw age-inappropriate tantrums in public. They’re the parents one frayed nerve short of a breakdown as they scrub off the giant perceived “L” for Loser on their foreheads, turning for help to every source they can think of, because their kids just don’t respond like other kids, because their kids aren’t like other kids. Their very brains are wired differently, and the disciplines, motivators, and strategies that are supposed to work on them, according to conventional wisdom, don’t. These are the parents of children on the ADHD Spectrum, and most of them have used up their Phone a Friend Lifeline and just want a little understanding and the hope of shared knowledge from someone else who has survived a life like theirs. They are parents like Pamela Fagan Hutchins, whose son, dubbed “Clark Kent the WonderKid,” has ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.
Pamela takes readers on a heart-wrenching and hilarious road trip from toddler to adulthood with Clark Kent and his family, sharing their collective wisdom and empathy along the way. 

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Pamela Fagan Hutchins is an employment attorney and workplace investigator by day who writes award-winning and best-selling women’s fiction mysteries (Saving Grace, Leaving Annalise, and others) and humorous nonfiction (How to Screw Up Your Kids, What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes?, and others) by night. She is passionate about great writing and smart authorpreneurship. She also leaps medium-tall buildings in a single bound, if she gets a good running start.

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  1. Kimberly Spire-oh says:

    Pamela Fagan Hutchins and her son, “Clark Kent,” share so many similarities with my son and myself that it is astounding…and incredibly comforting. As I read Chronicles of Clark Kent, my eyes welled up numerous times and I laughed out loud in recognition of the plight of neuro-typical parents who experience the unique joys and tribulations of raising brilliant and challenging “neuro-atypical” kids, as Pamela calls them. Her grace and sense of humor as she weathers the storm and relates her tales of everyday life in an ADHD-touched family will undoubtedly resonate with and reassure other parents who may have felt alone on this path.

  2. Ok folks, I’m officially a Hutchins fan (Mainly because I think she’s a talented writer, but also because she came to St. Lucia on retreat. Anyone who visits St. Lucia rocks in my books lol). Seriously though, I look forward to reading her works of fiction. You should too.

    The Clark Kent chronicles tells us all about an Extremely organised over achieving mother with an ADHD kid who lives for the moment and how they drive each other crazy. More than just a book of stories, this book tells how a family not only survives but helps a neuro-atypical kid shine in a neuro-typical world.

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  3. This book was great. It was full of hilarious anecdotes- from lacrosse gloves to lawnmowers, there were endless stories to keep me laughing. The author does a really good job with balancing all the perks and pains of having an ADHD wonderkid. It shows all the funny, sweet, irritating, hilarious, endearing, and downright crazy things you can learn to love and expect. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started! I highly recommend it for anyone with kids, friends, or loved ones that have ADHD.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this book. In fact this should be required reading for all teachers and others involved with kids. Funny stories with a serious theme.

  5. What a great book. We have a grandchild with add and loved reading the tales of Clark Kent. Pamela Hutchins has such a knack for writing. I alternated laughing and crying at the joys and problems of raising a child with special needs. Pamela is a hands on mom who admits to the struggles and challenges of dealing with her son but we also see a mother who would do anything to see that her child gets the attention and accommodations at school that he deserves.

  6. As a young adult with ADHD i found this book really interesting, it really helped me to understand what it was like to be the parent of someone as awesome as a kid with ADHD 😀 seriously though I think this is an awesome book!

  7. A wonderfully raw emotional look at a very real mother raising a challenging child in a world that really does not always understand or accept. Its as much of a story of the growth of the mother as it is of the growth of the child. But this is not your typical memoir. For every bit of tough stuff and learning there is ten times as much laughing and love.

  8. Gwynn Anidjar says:

    I wasn’t sure if it was safe to take out The Clark Kent Chronicles to read today when I was waiting for my eye exam becaus even my daughter says I look sad when I read it. Hutchins’ descriptions of her son remind me so much of my own struggles with my neuro-atypical son that tears well up whenever I read it. I figured that since my eyes had been dilated, other patients and eye center employees would assume my eye were wet from the drops, and forged ahead. I’m home now and have put it down long enough to write this review. A wonderful book that is enormously comforting to me despite my tears. It’s heartwarming to share such an honest and humorous look at life with a challenging child. Thank you for writing this book, Pamela.

  9. –Pamela,
    I looo0000ve that you are changing the world w/ your WORDS of Wisdom & Wit… <3 Xxxxx

  10. There is incredible range in this book. There are wonderful highs, great success and very very funny moments, but there is also sadness and struggles and pain. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Clark Kent Chronicle. Pamela is an incredible writer. The prose is witty and fast moving, the editing is first class and the book rockets along like a roller coaster on wooden tracks. What I took from it that life is precious, and that that we spend too much time stressing about things that are not important and not enough time celebrating the wonder of they things that are great. This book, possibly more than any other that I have read teaches those things. Regardless of whether or not the exact subject matter/diagnoses applies to someone you love, you should read this book. You will NOT be disappointed.

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