mpw-less-is-more-sun-1024x683From time to time, you should take stock of your life for situations that no longer serve you or your writing, then let them go. Even activities you once loved. Doing so will help your creative process overall.

Recently, I shared how I’ve given up the last of my regular guest posts on huge writing blogs. The decision was not done lightly, but was necessary to gain more time personally and professionally. That thought process has made me reevaluate my whole world. You should do the same, because…

Less is more for your writing process. As in, more time, energy and happiness.

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marcy mckayPennies from Burger Heaven LARGE EBOOKAbout Marcy McKay. I’m the author of the literary-suspense novel, Pennies from Burger Heaven (SkipJack Publishing).  You can download my FREE short story, A Cemetery Plot Worth of Love (which is the precursor to Pennies).  Follow me on Facebookand Twitter.

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